TV and Film

Alan has been involved in several events as coordinator and thrower for TV and Film and Large Events over the years. Below are some of the events with videos.

Italian local news interview

The local news team came to Carpi in Italy and interviewed several throwers.

Vitre local news interview

The local news came to the competition in Vitre France and interviewed several of the throwers.

Lucky Me music video by Phoebe Green.

This video was filmed in Hackney by Riff Raff Films, Alan was the advisor , thrower and trainer on the video. Phoebe needed to be able to look like a convincing thrower and I think she did a great job. To find out more about Phoebe click HERE

After the shoot
Some video and photos taken by Alan
The final video after edits.

Training Mackenzie Davis

Alan was fortunate enough to be asked to train Mackenzie during lock down for an upcoming TV mini series called Station Eleven after her success in Terminator Dark Fate The training took place at Target Sports World.

The One Show

Alan and a few club members from Essex Backyard Throwers went to the One show outside broadcast show to teach and talk about axe throwing in the UK. Unfortunately they ran out of time at the end of the show so we had little time to show our full range of skills.

Alan – Lisa – Roger – Mandy and Paul

Celebrity Big Brother

Alan K Parish was the technical advisor and Instructor on the 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Axe Challenge

The Task